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Brooklyn Cup is a new name for our in-house league. It offers an elevated platform for players who are truly passionate about basketball and aspire to take their skills to the next level. The Brooklyn Basketball Cup provides an opportunity for these dedicated athletes to form a team, showcase their talents, compete, and potentially open doors for further advancement in the sport they love.

FALL SEASON | YEAR 2024/2025 

During the fall season, teams will compete in the Brooklyn Basketball Cup. This league serves as a steppingstone for players to showcase their skills and improve their understanding of the game

  • Season duration | 13 weeks | Sep 9th - Dec 8th 

  • 1 practice per week | 1 game on a weekend  ​

  • 8 games guaranteed + Playoffs 



After fall season concludes, the teams return to the Brooklyn Basketball Cup in the winter, bringing with them the experience and growth gained from their participation in fall season basketball. The continues cycle of competition across different seasons provides a well-rounded development opportunity for our students to learn the game of basketball. 


  • Season duration | 12 weeks | Jan 6th - March 8th  

  • 1 practice per week | 1 game on weekend  ​

  • 8 games guaranteed + Playoffs


Same cycle continues in spring - exact dates TBA 


2/3 Grade - Coed 

4/5 Grade - Boys 

5/6 Grade - Boys 

5/6/7 Grade - Girls - click here for girls info

7/8/9 Grade - Boys 

We conduct tryouts and personal evaluations before students join the league. 

League Participation Criteria

  • To ensure competitive and engaging gameplay, our league requires players to have intermediate to advanced basketball skills set. Participants should demonstrate understanding of key basketball concepts, including off-ball movement and proper court spacing. Additionally, understanding man-to-man defensive principles is a plus. These requirements ensure that all league members can contribute meaningfully to their teams and enjoy a quality play

  • If you're unsure about your skill level, we offer evaluations to help determine your readiness for league competition. please reach out  at to set up an evaluation 

  • For beginners, we recommend exploring our Intro to Basketball classes

For athletic training, please visit -

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