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The In-house league (IHL) is a platform for aspiring Basketball players to enhance their skills, gaining hands-on game experience every week alongside their usual training sessions. With competitive games every weekend, the IHL stands out as the most popular program at BBA, significantly shaping the players' journey. Each season brings a boost in skills, and the upcoming spring-summer season promises an exciting showcase of talent. Brace yourself for a season that combines the atmosphere of AAU basketball under the FIBA youth basketball guidelines – the perfect setting for player growth!

Fall Season : Sept 9th - Dec 8th (13 weeks)

Registration links will be open soon


1/2 Grade Division (Coed) 

3/4 Grade Division (Coed) 

5/6 Grade Division (Boys) 

5/6/7 Grade Division (Girls) - Click here for the Girls program 

7/8/9 Grade Division (Boys) 


  • 2 practice per week  (We're changing our practices to twice a week instead of once this season to enhance both the quality of development and our teams' overall performance)

  • 1 game per weekend (Sundays or Saturday) 

  • Fee: ​​$1,525  (26 practice sessions + 8 Games guaranteed + Playoffs) 

  • Practice Location

    • 152 6th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215 - Gowanus

    • 162 25th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 - Sunset Park 

  • Game Location

    • 162 25th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 - Sunset Park (5/6/7/8/9 Grade Divisions) 

  • Practice/Game Uniform Included 

For additional training, please visit 


At BBA, we conduct personal evaluations before you join the league. New students, please reach out to to schedule your evaluation for the fall season.


  • To enroll in the league, students must have an intermediate or advanced skill level. This involves a solid understanding of fundamental basketball aspects such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense, along with familiarity with basic rules to prevent violations like traveling and double dribbling.

  • For beginners, we recommend exploring our Intro to Basketball classes.

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