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Steve Nash, 2X NBA MVP

“BBA was an awesome experience for my son. They not only develop players but also teach them through team concepts. Most importantly they value developing discipline and teamwork.” 

Igor Kokoškov, Atlanta Hawks Assistant Coach

“A place where coaches focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game. Last year was my son’s first team basketball experience, and he loved every minute of it - a wonderful environment for youth basketball players.”

Francesca Messina

“The team at the Brooklyn Basketball Academy is second to none - their program has helped my son and countless other kids exponentially from strength and conditioning to advanced skill and basketball techniques. The coaches give great feedback and the vibe is electric. Coach Gio and Coach Kyle know how to teach kids, they are always having fun and loving the sport!”

Marita Key

“My son has been in BBA for over two years. He’s grown into such a well rounded individual with the guidance of these lovely coaches. Coach Gio and the other coaches are all remarkable, and have made such a positive impact on my son. He absolutely loves being there and is so goal-oriented. BBA always goes above and beyond, and for that we are so appreciative. Thank you so much for your consistent efforts, for giving him the opportunity to be on the travel team the last three seasons, and for always believing in him.”

Marissa Malick

“We have had an excellent experience with our son here at BBA. Since signing up for practices and games, my son has improved his skills, made new friends, and gained more knowledge about the game of basketball. The coaches are all really nice and are very fair when giving attention to all levels of players. It’s an enjoyable experience for both the kids and the parents. We look forward to our son growing here at BBA for seasons to come.”

Alexa Suskin

“My son really enjoys his basketball class and the in-house league. He’s learning a lot of skills and has fun. The coaches are great and definitely know how to connect with the kids.”

Jeremy Klein

“BBA has been amazing for my son Dylan. His skills have significantly improved and he has learned the technical aspects of the game to be able to be on a team. The coaches are so patient and knowledgeable and the kids all seem to love being there.”

 Mohhamad Kibria

“This place is an amazing indoor gym for basketball. Very clean and professional. Kids live coming here because of the amazing community they have established here. Will continue coming here with my friends as well.”

Nina Japaridze

“Best place for kids. I took my son to summer camp, he was so happy. The team is very good, coach Gio is a wonderful person and a professional! Highly Recommended.”

Gina Zambrano

“Coach Gio and all the other coaches are amazing at what they do. They know how to connect with the kids, they motivate the kids to do well and work together. My son sometimes wasn’t as motivated in certain days, but the Coaches were very understanding and yet still encouraging, without being pushy. Overall an amazing experience!”

George Zap

“My kids joined BBA a few months ago and it became their favorite place . My 6 year-old girl is enjoying every single practice thanks to the coaches! The professional approach to kids teaching them not only how to play basketball but how to be a good team! My 14 year-old son never played basketball before but with the help of dedicated and hardworking coaches he’s made a tremendous improvement! Would definitely recommend this place for every kid who likes to play basketball and is looking to improve on and off the court!”

 Liana Manukyan

“Professional coaches, very dedicated to helping the kids do their best through an special approach to each age group. My 6 year-old thinks it’s a lot of fun, while the 13 year-old told me these are the most serious practices he has ever had. They both refuse to miss a practice (had to rearrange my little ones birthday party to fit the basketball schedule!). Very thankful for this place!”

 Nino Garsevanishvili

“My son loves coach Gio! He is skilled and a kind leader and has a great team. It is an amazing program with an amazing professional and very friendly coaches who teach kids all kinds of basketball skills and keep it fun! Thank you Gio and your team for your hard work!”

Maia Kavlashvili

“Excellent school. Very friendly atmosphere. Truly dedicated coaches. We love it!”

Jampa Tsultrim

“The best place on earth to train your kids for basketball. Very enthusiastic coaches especially the coach (Gio) who make sure the kids master every possible skill. ...worth every penny, every second.”

Leon Smith

“I am having a great experience working with BBA. Professional staff that emphasizes hard work and good sportsmanship over winning and encourages the kids to be their best. My 9 year-old daughter loves basketball and Brooklyn Basketball Academy really intensified her love towards the game. Thank you Coaches!”

Orly Cohen

“Gio is super nice, very professional, and quite knowledgeable. We were visiting from out of town and he welcomed us openly and had some great training. We will be back anytime we’re in NY.”

Gina Zambrano

“Coach Gio and all the other coaches are amazing at what they do. They know how to connect with the kids, they motivate the kids to do well and work together. My son sometimes wasn’t as motivated in certain days, but the Coaches were very understanding and yet still encouraging, with out being pushy. Over all an amazing experience!”

Nadine Gilchrist

“This is a great place to up your child’s game. BBA focuses on making sure your children have a good understanding of the fundamentals of basketball. The coaches make sure your child is doing the moves and plays correctly. They are tough, structured, and very caring. They will work with the kids to ensure they are making progress. I and others noticed a difference with my son who is only 1 month. Great coaches....ask any parent when you get there.”

Nadia Touile

“This is the first year of my girl’s basketball class. We all love it because of wonderful coaches such as coach Gio and Michal. Thanks, guys for your professionalism and hard work.”
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